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Officials: DEC Officer Shooting Not a 'Hunting Accident'

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 10/16/2016 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 09/18/2016 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 07/24/2016 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - 06/19/2016 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 05/01/2016 Interclub Match at MSC

Rained all morning but despite the weather we had some long distance diehards shoot through the rain drops and put up some serious scores.

Scarawan Cup 2016 - Photos

The ninth annual Scarawan Cup was held at MSC Range on April 16, 2016 between MSC and VLY. What has become the club social event of the year took place for the first time in warm weather. Vly was the host this year and provided tasty cheeseburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips and the like. Thanks to all the volunteers for keeping score, running targets, cooking, and making it another great event.

A nice turnout, with 17 shooters from Marbletown and 10 from Vly. The three relays went smoothly and the competition was close, scores were down overall but Marbletown pulled off the win! The final relay score was 198 for Marbletown and 193 for Vly. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us all enjoy a great day of shooting. A special thanks to the other MSC final round shooters for keeping me out of the dog house.

Representing Vly:
Keith Anderson Mike Leone
Mike Decker Ray Maday
Eric Fedde Randy Oakes
Chris Gibbons Scott Schatzel
Larry Larsen Mike Schiffer
Representing MSC:
Robert Culley Lloyd Madsen
Brian Doherty Charlie Nobile
Alex Driekonski Mike Nobile
Don Driekonski Tom Pederson
Lance DuBois Neville Ross
Patrick Farrell Pete Sarr
Jan Hanczyk Chris Sell
Tom Harris Jim York
Tom Kramek

The top VLY shooters were

# Name Score X
1 Scott Schatzel 41 01
2 Mike Decker 40 00
3 Randy Oakes 40 00
4 Eric Fedde 39 00
5 Mike Schiffer 33 00
total 193 01

The top MSC shooters were

# Name Score X
1 Lloyd Madsen 44 01
2 Neville Ross 44 00
3 Chris Sell 42 00
4 Alex Driekonski 42 00
5 Brian Doherty 26 00
total 198 01

MSC GUN SHOW -2016 - Photos coming soon

By all accounts a very successful show. Hope to see everyone at next years show.

MSC GUN SHOW - April 9 & 10

Reloading supplies, firearms, accessories, ammunition, collectables, and Much More!! - Click here for more information

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - 09/13/2015,

Rained all day Saturday but Sunday was perfect shooting weather. Unfortunately no one came but me. See you all next season! - Click here for more information

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