Man Shoots Dead Deer, Hits Other Man’s Rear End

Scientists Have Created a New Top Predator—The Coywolf

Women On Target, October 11, 2014 - Photos coming soon

NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinic held at MSC.

MSC - Club of the year 2014

Federated Sportsmen's Clubs of Ulster County names Marbletown Sportsmen's Club, Club of the year for 2014. Read BSP Story here and also see what our own Steve Schneider was awarded.

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 08/24/2014 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 07/20/2014 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 06/22/2014 Interclub Match at MSC

The MSC Pistol League is heating up Monday nights and is open to everyone. - Photos

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 05/11/2014 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 04/27/2014 Interclub Match at MSC

The 2014 Interclub .22 Bench Rest season at MSC started Sunday April 27. A windy day but the shooters were up to the challenge.

Scarawan Cup 2014 - Photos

The seventh annual Scarawan Cup was held at MSC Range on March 29, 2014 between MSC and VLY. MSC retained the Scarawan Cup by a score of 207, to 183.

Rain was in the forecast but with relatively clear skies, no wind and temps in the 40’s we got off to a great start. After a little adjustment to our targets we got things rolling with a safety talk and rules explanation. By around 10 A.M. the shooters were all signed up and the match was underway. As in the past we ran 3 relays with 10 shooters consisting of 5 members from each club or however many are available. From those relays the shooters with the top 5 scores from each club go to the final match.

After the match a tasty spread was provided and prepared by VLY (as they were the "host" this year), hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and more. Lunch kept the great day going and VLY did another outstanding job this year.

It appears that the heavy snow and continued cold this winter impacted range time and scores were a little lower then previous matches. But that did not stop the clubs from fielding 26 shooters. MSC had 14 shooters, the VLY 12, the high individual score for the day was by Bob Cully 48-1x. This event is always a great start to the spring shooting season and never disappoints.

Thanks to all who came out to compete, eat, or just support your club. Thanks again to Tom Kramek for organizing & running the event for MSC, the cooks and crew from VLY for a great meal, and Joe and Chris for keeping score.

Representing Vly:
Ryan Anderson Mike Leone
Eric Fedde Heather Mackenzie
Chris Gibbons (Pres.) Ray Maday
Mike Harrison Randy Oakes
Joshua Harrison Mike Schiffer
Larry Larsen Andy Shuma
Representing MSC:
Mike Cassetta Rich Korona
Robert Culley Tom Kramek
Brian Doherty Lloyd Madsen
Don Driekonski Charlie Nobile
Bob Garrett Mike Nobile
Don Gladstone Tom Pederson
Tom Harris Chris Sell

The top VLY shooters were

# Name Score X
1 Randy Oakes 42 00
2 Eric Fedde 40 00
3 Ryan Anderson 39 00
4 Mike Schiffer 32 00
5 Andy Shuma 30 00
total 183 00

The top MSC shooters were

# Name Score X
1 Lloyd Madsen 45 00
2 Don Driekonski 43 00
3 Brian Doherty 40 00
4 Tom Kramek 40 00
5 Rich Korona 39 00
total 207 00

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