Women On Target, October 12, 2013 - Photos

NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinic held at MSC

Junior Sportsmen's Program 2013

Turkey shoot, September 15, 2013 - Photos

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” – (Dealing with Problem Black Bears)

by Dick Henry Jul, 2013

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 09/22/2013 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 08/25/2013 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 07/21/2013 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 06/30/2013 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 05/19/2013 Interclub Match at MSC

Junior Sportsmen program open for 2013 season.

It's free, its fun, and happens at our range every Thursday night weather permitting. Click here for additional information.

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 04/21/2013 Interclub Match at MSC

The 2013 Interclub .22 Bench Rest season at MSC started Sunday April 21. The weather was cold and a bit windy keeping attendance down to 7 shooters, competing in 3 relays.

Work party 04/13/13 to make entrance to the club handicap accessible - Photos

Scarawan Cup 2013 - Photos

Marbletown retained the Scarawan Cup by a score of 221 to 213. MSC had 14 shooters, the Vly 9, and a good time was had by all. Marbletown was the "host" this year so Lunch was on us, hamburgers, hot dogs, beans and more. Regardless of the weather and scores all who attend always seems to agree its really nice time. We had a full blanket of snow, cold air with a few intermittent flakes, and the wind was blowing, but that never stops the good shooters. Thanks to all who shot for both sides.

A big thank you to Tom Kramek in organizing & running the event. Thank you to Steve Schneider and the crew helping him in the kitchen.

Representing MSC:
Mike Cassetta Rich Korona
Robert Culley Kevin Korona
Brian Doherty Lloyd Madsen
Don Gladstone Dave Meyer
Tom Harris Charlie Nobile
Lorin Johannessen Mike Nobile
Tom Kramek Jim York
Representing Vly:
Mike Decker Ken Jensen
Chris Gibbons (Pres.) Mike Leone
Eric Fedde Randy Oakes
Josh Harrison Mike Schiffer
Mike Harrison

The top MSC shooters were

# Name Score X
1 Lloyd Madsen 45 01
2 Tom Kramek 45 00
3 Jim York 44 01
4 Dave Meyer 44 00
5 Lorin Johannessen 43 01
total 221 03

The top VLY shooters were

# Name Score X
1 Mike Decker 45 00
2 Randy Oakes 43 01
3 Eric Fedde 43 01
4 Mike Leone 43 00
5 Chris Gibbons 39 00
total 213 02

Albany Day - Fourth Annual NYSRPA Lobby Day and Rally, February 28, 2013

Come lobby your legislators, meet your friends and voice your displeasure! The U.C. Federation will have charter buses again this year. (Detailed info available here: in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format)

Muzzleloading Cabin Fever Woods Walk, Blanket Shoot, February 10, 2013

Another great day in the woods, the sun was strong, the air cold and the smoke lingered in the air till we were done. The event had 13 participants representing 3 clubs in addition to MSC. Our Muzzleloading "master" created a challenging course of 14 novelty targets including chains, gongs, pencils, and an axe head you split your ball on to break 2 clays on each side. The 13 were sent out in three relays, the first group had 5 shooters and the last 3, The top shooter was in the middle group and scored a 12. Even though the temperature was around 20 when we started, a bit cold by some accounts, it was closer to 30 by the time everyone was done and regardless of the temperature or how well you did shooting everyone had a smile indicating a good time.

:home stretch :last target :Tom Harris :Rich Rockwell :guests at last target :Rich Korona :split a pencil target :metal plate through trees

New Photos

At the January meeting I asked members for photos or ideas for new content for this web site. One of our long standing members had this nice collection of all the pins issued since the club started having pins.

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