Turkeys visit last .22 shoot and Halloween Snow - Photos

Turkey Shoot - Photos

Jr. Sportsmen's Auction- Photos

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 10/02/2011 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Hurricane Irene Rained out 08/28/2011

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 07/01/2011 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 06/26/2011 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 05/01/2011 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 04/17/2011 Interclub Match at MSC

The 2011 Interclub .22 Bench Rest season got a blustery start April 17, at MSC with one of the windiest days seen at a .22 match there. The wind did not keep the shooters from having a good time and putting up some good scores.

Young hunters add new life to an aging hunting community

By Peter Sarr

a newpaper article by Peter Sarr

Fourth Annual Scarawan Cup - Photos

The Fourth annual Scarawan Cup was hosted by the Vly Sportsmen's Club this year and by the number of smiling faces was a great success. Vly had 11 shooters and a handful of spectators cheering them on with Marbletown bringing 20 shooters plus our own fans. A few early bird members of MSC got the targets set up early but a few things still needed to be sorted out. While the crowd stood around trying to stay warm, figure out "what's going on" and people were shouting for last years chairmen Paul Brasky, Joe Montalbano of Marbletown stepped up and took charge declaring "safety first" and that he and someone from Vly would be the Scorers. Chris Gibbons of Vly was given the task of keeping Joe honest.

Meanwhile members of the Vly club were busy preparing hot coffee for anyone down at the range and getting lunch prepared for when the tournament was over. Chris snuck away at a critical time but was found with hot dog in hand (and mouth) in time to get the rules approved. Once the shooting started we had to make a few adjustments to make a clear shooting area but we kept things safe and on track. The 31 shooters shot 2 relays when a vote was called for to see if the traditional third relay would be shot or if the next relay would be the finals. Despite a dozen or so shooters wanting to have the third relay it was clear the majority was eager to let the best 5 of each club from the first 2 relays shoot for the cup.

MSC shot 215 1x and Vly shot 212 0x allowing the cup to stay at Marbletown for another year. Overall the scores were down a bit from last year but we still had some real fine shooting. During the relays we had 2 MSC members score an 89, Dave M. and Tom K., Tom also having 2x. Vly had several members shoot 84 Tom C. 1x, Mike L. 1x, and Eric F. The best single relay score was Jeff Budik's 48 on the second relay. Next year it will be MSC turn to host, let's hope the weather is good.

Representing Vly:
Frank Briody Jerry Nadasky
Thomas Collins Mike Schiffer
Chris Gibbons (Pres.) Fred Schork
Eric Fedde Andy Shuma
Larry Larsen James Smiseth
Mike Leone

Representing MSC:
Jeff Budik (Pres.) Luis Leon
Mike Cassetta Lloyd Madsen
Brian Doherty Ben Meyer
Gene DeMayo Dave Meyer
Jaf Farkas Charlie Nobile
Gerry Fornino Mike Nobile
Bob Garrett Rich Rockwell
Don Gladstone Pete Sarr
Tom Kramek Joe Serbone
Rich Korona Jim York

The top MSC shooters were

# Name Score X
1 Lloyd Madsen 46 00
2 Brian Doherty 44 00
3 Tom Kramek 42 01
4 Gerry Fornino 42 00
5 Dave Meyer 41 00
total 215 01

The top VLY shooters were

# Name Score X
1 Thomas Collins 45 00
2 Frank Briody 44 00
3 Eric Fedde 41 00
4 Larry Larsen 41 00
5 Mike Schiffer 41 00
total 212 00

Annual Squirrelthon 2011

A nice turnout for this years event. Feb 26; 10 members; winner Pete Sarr; Youth winner – Ian O’Connell; Bob donated chili and fixings.

Black Powder Enthusiast Vent Their Smoke Poles at Blanket Shoot

By Peter Sarr

a newpaper article by our own Peter Sarr

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