A reminder to anyone interested in our club

that we are a nonprofit, nonsectarian, and apolitical organization as stated in our by-laws. Our by-laws can be accessed from our home page, here is an example.



Section 1 The mission and objectives of Marbletown Sportsmen's Club are the conservation, restoration and management of fish, game and other wildlife populations and their habitats in the Town of Marbletown, focusing on the grounds and properties of the Organization. It will also promote and maintain cooperative relations between landowners and sportsmen and promote compliance with all fish and game laws.

Section 2 The Organization shall be nonprofit, nonsectarian, and apolitical.

Saturday Nov. 14 was a very successful Sight-In Day.

Lots of people, quite a few volunteers to help, made for an excellent showing in spite of the miserable weather. The attendance was relatively steady from 10:00 till after 2pm.

Black Powder Shoot, Oct 18, 2009

Despite the unseasonably cold weekend and a little rain a handful of diehard black powder shooters enjoyed another fine Muzzle loading Rifle event this past Sunday 10/18/2009. If you like shooting with Muzzle loaders or have never had the chance to do so before, this is an event for you.

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 10/11/2009 Interclub Match at MSC

Hunting the Mohonk Preserve

It seems that the 4,000 acre Mohonk Preserve is overrun with deer and is thus encouraging hunting them with bow, muzzle loaders, Pistol, and/or shotguns. If you're interested in this opportunity, telephone Ethan Pierce, 845-255-5969, and mention Marbletown Sportsmen's Club.

Click here for links to the 2009 Hunting Application as well as additional informatin for hunting at the Mohonk Preserve.

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 9/20/2009 Interclub Match at MSC

America armed, but guns not necessarily loaded -Associated Press article

Photos of the September Match

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 8/23/2009 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 7/26/2009 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 6/28/2009 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 5/17/2009 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Results for 4/19/2009 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Shoot - Preliminary Results for 4/19/2009 Interclub Match at MSC

.22 Bench Rest Match REVISED RULES 2009

First Match of 09 is scheduled for April 19

A Number of Anti-Gun Bills Heading to Assembly Floor in Albany

use the link "write your Reps" or the links at the bottom of the page to find ways to contact Assembly Members.

Second Annual Scarawan Cup

The second annual Scarawan cup occurred on March 28 and by all accounts was a great success. The Vly Sportsmen Club hosted the Match at our range and club house. Approximately 33 shooters participated with the top five scores determining the winner. The scoring came fast and furious and was very close but in the end the winner was determined to be Marbletown Sportsmen Club. Vly won the inaugural year making it one win each.

Thanks to everyone that helped make this such a successful event! See you at next years event.

The top MSC shooters were

1 Luis Leon 46 0
2 Gerry Fornino 43 0
3 Lloyd Madsen 41 0
4 Tom Kramek 39 0
5 Paul Granberg 37 0
total 206 0

The top VLY shooters were

1 Mike Sheffer 45 1
2 Frank Briody 42 0
3 Andy Shuma 41 0
4 Eric Fedde 39 0
5 Mike Leone 38 0
total 205 1

Food Plot

work continues on our food plot with the distribution of lime .

End of pheasant program may be only the beginning

September/October Activity

The finale MSC .22 Match in '08 - photos

Wood cutting work party Oct. 11, '08 - photos

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