2007 Sportsmen's Show

Our 2007 Sportsmen's show was another great success. We have been doing this show for a number of years now and learn from each show things to make the show better for the next year. This year was no exception, the response and comments from our venders and shoppers show us we have a good show. Our show is a good old fashion sportsmens show for people that like to fish, hunt or be outdoors. We have venders with knives, guns and outdoor gear. Join us next year for another great event.

Range work

2007 saw lots of improvements both big and small to our range. We re- graded the berms and set in place new 50 & 100 yard target mounts. Planted new grass and even had one of our members volunteer to make us some carpet covers for our shooting benches.

range work

Friends of the NRA

The Friends of the NRA banquet was held on Saturday, August 19th 2006. All who attended had enough to eat and got to have some fun socializing. Big Success!

Raffle Winners 2005

Winners of the 2005 annual club raffle.

1st Place, Steve Perez

2nd Place, Eric Blackwell

3rd Place, Ron D'Alessio

4th Place, Mike Polinsky

5th Place, Jeff Keegan

Benchrest Results

Scores for .22 Benchrest shoot, September 25, 2005

Unlimited Class:

1st place: Jack Ponsolle, 250-8x, 246-8x

2nd place: John Metsger, 249-9x, 248-8x, Not For Record

Rodger Klindt, 248-7x, 246-7x, 246-5x

Plinker Class:

1st place: Paul Brasky, 200-5x

2nd place: Paul Brasky, 200-3x, 246-5x

Rick Yodis, 194-3x, 192-3x

Joe Sala, 194-1x

Mike Nobile, 193-2x

Charlie Nobile, 187-0x, 185-3x

Junior Sportsmens Auction

The Auction to benefit the Junior Sportsmens Program was a big success and raised nearly $700. Thanks to all who donated time and merchandise for this worthy cause.

Items donated for the auction included a new, full 20 gallon propane bottle, a camp axe, a new black powder long gun from Gander Mountain as well as a fancy collectable knife. Kingston Jewelers donated a 2 inch diameter golden rose.

Thanks again everyone. The Kids appreciate it!

Benchrest Results

Scores for.22 Benchrest Shoot, MAY 22, 2005


Kim Bober 219-02x

Al Hudson 180-02x


Bill Wentz 199-05x

Bill Wentz 198-05x


Roger Klindt 249-11x 1st Place

Jack Ponsolle 249-09x 2nd Place

Bob Bain 248-15x 3rd Place

Bob Bain 247-10x

John Metsger 247-09x

Jack Ponsolle 246-07x

Bob Bain 245-08x

Roger Klindt 245-07x

Al Bockemuhl 242-02x

Al Bockemuhl 238-04x

Al Bockemuhl 235-05x

John Metsger 233-04x


Paul Brasky 200-08x 1st Place

Bob Bain 200-05x 2nd Place

Paul Brasky 200-05x 2nd Place

Kim Bober 199-05x 3rd Place

Al Hudson 196-02x

Rich Yodis 196-00x

Charles Nobile 195-02x

Rich Yodis 195-02x

Charles Nobile 193-02x

Mike Nobile 190-00x

Joe Sala 186-01x

Mike Nobile 185-00x

Joe Sala 176-01x